Optimal Health

Optimal health can be defined as “being your best with what you’ve been given.” 

Most of us think of optimal health as having to do with our physical bodies: proper nutrition, getting the right amount of sleep and exercise, etc. But optimal health actually incorporates a much broader spectrum. The five key areas to keep in balance in order to achieve optimal health are physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual health.

I believe optimal health is achieved through balancing these key areas.

Optimising our diet and where necessary using a personalised nutritional supplement programme is only the first step. Another very important aspect of optimal health is addressing stress. 

Stress reduction can have a significant positive impact on optimal health. Using various coaching techniques (NLP), particular stressors in your life can be addressed and potentially minimised. Stress is very individual and often people do not realise that certain aspects of their current ‘lifestyle’ may be adding to their stress burden.

Furthermore certain stressors may actually be impeding achieving your goals. 

Other lifestyle strategies can enhance stress reduction in particular an appropriate exercise regime. Here I may recommend exercise consultants or personal trainers.
Life Coaching techniques (NLP) can also be used to address numerous aspects of your overall health and well-being that may be hindering your progress to achieving optimal health.